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The Founder and Executive Director of Diamond Ministries Inc, Adriane M. Brown, fled to Monroe Ga from her own domestic violence relationship. Her personal experience with domestic violence  and accessing resources led her to form Diamond Ministries Inc. She identified gaps in care for survivors and is committed to reducing those gaps through her work in Diamond Ministries.  The organization serves individuals living in the 10 county Northeast Georgia area.  Though services are available to anyone, the majority of the population served by Diamond Ministries  are women between the ages of 14-30 years of age.  These women are at high risk of repeat future unhealthy relationships/Intimate Partner Violence.

We believe everyone can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Diamond Ministries works to end all types of abuse and violence through support, advocacy, prevention, and education while promoting community awareness and accountability

Our Mission

Our Vision

To end all types of abuse and violence

We Need Your Support Today!

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